We are a boutique creative laboratory and we craft hype content for Artists // Hotels // Agencies // Brands // Chefs // Designers …


… just like yours !


What’s in the box ?

Our box is full of unstable isotopes in perpetual motion. Don’t mind the quantum mess…



We are not a 360° Agency. We are, like, a 127° Agency.
We focus on doing a few things with all our heart without trying to be a jack of all trade.


Creativity takes time. let’s make sure we don’t loose any…



Creating content, campaigns and adds is a constant struggle. Social Media are always thirsty monsters and need constant attention.

We produce content in a different way with a different creative set up to help you get more out of your creation process.

We take what would be a single campaign and turn it into a full-blown content stream. What would normally be one or two pieces of contents are now 10 or 20.



Our team is a hybridization cross-genre and trans-platforms commando mixing digital specialists with high-level directors and creatives.

We can scale it up or down and blend it seamlessly within houses creatives team. It’s smarter, lighter, faster and more adaptable

We support and amplify your team’s internal capabilities and skills.



No more misunderstanding

We understand photography. We talk creation. We breath digital. We have the skill set of a high end Creative and know the ropes of Marketing just like your Agency. We speak both languages...



Small changes. Big difference.


We have our own ethics and believe change is necessary to keep the world alive. We value intelligence. We try to do our part to reduce our carbon print. We strive to rethink the way we eat, move and buy things to try and fix the world. We believe in building longer tables, not walls. And projects going in that direction have a special place close to our hearth.




Ready to go nuclear ? Let’s chat !
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Partners we’ve met in this dimension (or another)


Gourmand award 2016 Best book of the world. Category : fruit book / Tomate with the 2 stars Chef Sang-Hoon Degeimbre
Finalist in 2011 & 2013 of the International Festival of the Culinary Image at OLoron Saint-Marie in France